Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Raflesinesia re-unified to Indokistan

RTH, RFSCN - Raflesinesia and Indokistan had finally agree to merge the two nation that were separated few months before independence. The current prime minister will drop his reign and will be the Minister of Economics and Transportation for Indokistan.

The re-unification begins when Rayhan and Nabil talk about the history of Raflesinesia, that once being a part of Indokistan. Then, he had and idea to re-unified Indokistan and Raflesinesia all together and drop the current LIR Union to an ultra-special bilateral relation. Then, the unification will active February 2nd, 2013 00.00

"There got some "loose ends" if I continue to run Raflesinesia and my reign. So I decided to drop my reign into Senator of Cussex (Mainland), Newark and Stillenham also as Minister of Economics and Transportation." Rayhan stated. The new name for Mainland, Cussex, will be the first province that not use the Russian name derivative.

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